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Why A.C.E. Meets Your Child’s Needs

We know that good teaching does not guarantee proper learning. The question is not, “Is my child being taught?” The question is, “Is my child learning?” The whole philosophy of A.C.E. is learning-based—not teaching-based. A.C.E. has identified five fundamental “laws of learning” and has made these learning concepts the very basis of the A.C.E. program. […]

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Character Counts: Virtuous

The A.C.E. curriculum presents a wonderful Godly image of moral purity, goodness, and excellence illustrated through the Virtueson family. Mr. and Mrs. Virtueson are the ideal parents—clean, wholesome, and pure. Their son, Ace, is one of the primary characters in the PACEs. He loves the Lord and consistently does what is right. He is always […]

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