K-4 Program

DSC_3490The four year old classroom is full of adventure, friendships and fun. Though this program is designed for four year olds, it is equivalent, if not superior to a traditional full-day kindergarten program. We focus on learning to write numbers and letters with the Writing Curriculum, teaching the basics and foundation of phonics based reading. By the middle of February, your child will be reading simple words and understand how to break-down a word into simple blends and read even larger words. We are excited to introduce the students to the Word of God through our bible curriculum that teaches from creation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a fun time with activity sheets, literal historical Bible accounts and cards. We look forward to having your child join our class.

One thing I love is how much my five year old keeps his parents in check. I’m amazed at how his brain has the power to hold all the information he has learned, not only for a day, but also from last year. Bible verses just come out of his mouth at the most perfect times. It helps us to remember what an awesome job God has bestowed upon us as parents.

Our children have been attending Elmwood since they were two years old. We are very pleased with the results.

After looking at several preschool options in the area, we chose Elmwood because of the loving, safe, and excellent environment they provide. We are very happy to be at Elmwood.