Early Enrichment Education

Letter From the Principal

Thank you for your interest in Elmwood Baptist Academy. We realize that every mom and dad want the very best for their children. The school you choose is very important. As you consider your options, we hope that you will seriously consider the opportunity at Elmwood as the greatest opportunity in the world for your child.

We fully realize that a school alone cannot provide everything that a child needs to reach his optimum potential. To achieve, every child needs to sense a strong teamwork and camaraderie between the school faculty and his parents. Elmwood Baptist Academy unites with families to educate the whole child to honor God, love others, and walk in biblical truth. To accomplish this, our school provides excellence in several areas, including Bible teaching and academic knowledge.

We trust that you will prayerfully consider the opportunities at Elmwood, realizing that our desire is to see your child grow as a result of our staff’s teamwork with you. if you have any questions, concerns, or would like additional information, please call our school office at 303.659.3818. We will be glad to help. God bless you richly!

The program at EBA focuses on positive peer interaction, a fun learning environment, and an introduction to academic curriculum. The school uses the ABeka curriculum to introduce letters and numbers as well as a foundation in the Bible as a framework to shape the daily devotional activities of the children.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Mr. Rick Lopez